How to Find and Add Snapchat Names on a Snapchat App?

Would you like to add new snapchat names to your Snapchat friend's list? If yes, you are at the right place. Before going any further, it is prudent first to know what Snapchat is. What is it? It is an awesome app that allows you to share self-destructing videos and images with your friends. Your Snapchat names can include celebrities, interesting people, family members or friends. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms. The following is a detailed section describing the various ways of finding Snapchat friends and adding them to your friend's list comprising of Snapchat names. Step by step 1. Open the app on your phone and swipe down. Then tap on the option labeled “Add Friends.” 2. A new app screen opens up showing the three ways of adding friends on Snapchat names list. They include: • Adding friends by keying their username • Adding friends from the phone address book • Adding friends through QR code Description If you already know the Snapchat names of the people you are trying to associate with, type their usernames and then add them as friends by tapping on the plus sign for each person. In case you do not have their usernames, you can query for them through popular social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. For those people who are famous, adding them becomes an easy task because of their online social media presence Snapchat names list can be enlarged by adding friends directly from your phone address book. All you have to do is tap on the “Add from Address book” section. On the next screen that appears tap on “Continue” option to proceed. Then the Snapchat app will ask you for confirmation. Upon confirmation, the app will take you to another screen where all the contacts in your address book that are on Snapchat will be displayed. Then, you can simply add them by tapping on the addition plus sign next to their Snapchat names. Remember that all the contacts who aren’t on Snapchat can be invited too. Adding friends to a list of Snapchat names through QR code is another unique way that can be used. If you meet someone at a function or a party, you don’t have to ask them for their snapchat username so that you can add them to your Snapchat names list. To add such a person, open your Snapchat app and point it to the icon of the other person. Then, tap your screen once and you’re done. The icon usually referred to as a Ghost icon is a QR code that is unique for every Snapchat user. Conclusion The process of adding Snapchat names involves finding friends or persons of interest and then adding them to your Snapchat. Want to know more? Take it for a spin! has no affiliation to the Snapchat Trademark or any product of Snapchat, Inc.